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I was very impressed by how seen and held I felt by Sarah’s reading. With little to no information, she managed to hit the nail right on the head and point me gently to what I needed to pay attention to. Her advice was soft and unobtrusive yet quite on point and gave me important cues as to the next steps I wanted to take. It was both very aligned energetically and very concrete and clear and left me feeling empowered and much less confused.

– Valentine A.

Sarah has been such a compassionate, curious guide as we've explored the issues I have raised. Every time Sarah has read with me, it has felt as though we go deeper into the wisdom the tarot has to offer. I have felt more like a partner in discovering what the tarot wanted to tell me; a co-explorer, if you will, with Sarah at my side. She has created space in each session, encouraging me to take what she offers and add my own insights. Our collaborations have resulted in my feeling heard, attended to and empowered to discover my own truths. Sarah inspires trust from the start and this feeling has grown with each session.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a sincere, compassionate, knowledgeable reader who will encourage her querents to engage with the material with loving interdependence.   

– Blakely G.

I came to Sarah for a reading at a very tumultuous time.  I was distraught about certain parts of my life and confused about why I was feeling the way I was.  My thoughts had been running in pointless circles, unable to find perspective.  In short, I was in pain!  I can’t overstate how transformative the experience was.  Sarah created an environment where I felt brave enough to ask the most difficult questions weighing on my heart.  Bit by bit, we explored deeper and deeper into the relationships, structures and mindsets that were creating my greatest challenges.  By the time we finished, I felt an incredible sense of calm that soon opened up to relief and, in the days to come, a new joy.  With Sarah’s gentle but strong and wise guidance, I had been able to see things from completely new perspective, breaking the cycle I was in.  The powerful picture the Tarot was able to paint for me has also stayed with me as a beautiful, poetic vision of parts of my own mind, soul and world.  For me, this rich vision is an enduring comfort that I can fall back on when I need to.  I’m so grateful to Sarah and would encourage everyone to explore the Tarot with her. 

- Esme C.

My session with Sarah was a beautiful, fulfilling experience. I immediately felt welcomed and safe. Sarah answered all my questions expertly and with grace, and her insights were spot on. Sarah is a kind and knowledgeable facilitator, and made me feel comfortable actively participating in my reading. It almost felt like talking to an old friend. I left feeling seen, heard and held. I highly recommend booking a reading with Sarah if you are looking for gentle, wise and non-judgemental guidance.  

- Stacy

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