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This reading was developed from my own realization that part of my motivation for doing spiritual work was founded in the belief that I had to "fix myself" and my desire to move away from that mindset.


In this reading we look at something about you that you believe needs to be fixed. We get into the roots of why you believe this and we explore ways that you can move from a "fixing" space into a space of compassion and acceptance. We look for the inherent beauty and worthiness of this part of you and we explore cards that can support you in shifting this belief.


This offering is 45 minutes on Zoom or a seven card written reading and costs $65 CAD




While no two people experience a pregnancy termination the same way, for many it is a major life event that may require some unpacking. Whether it was recent or years have passed, whether you felt relieved or you really struggled (or both), there is a lot to process. I would love to provide space, witnessing and gentle guidance for this

processing to anyone, of any gender , at any stage in their journey. 


This 45 minute Zoom reading will be tailored to you. We will come up with a spread at the beginning of your session that is designed for your unique situation.  This reading costs $65 CAD. 


*Note: I am NOT a therapist. If you are struggling with overwhelming grief, depression, trauma or similar, I hope that you will seek counselling if that is available to you. This reading is not a substitute for professional help, if that is needed.



Have you been longing to connect with you inner child, but don't know where to begin? Or maybe you have dipped your toes in but are looking to go deeper?

For many of us, our relationship to our inner child is a fraught, complicated one. The inner child is often a trauma keeper, holding some of our deepest wounds. We can be hesitant to touch in with them, afraid we will not be able to handle the places they might take us.

But the inner child also has wisdom and gifts to offer. A journey with the inner child is a journey deep into the heart, a journey into a tender, beautiful part of us that deserves to be heard and held by our wise and compassionate adult self.

This reading is designed to help initiate dialogue with the inner child and lay a foundation to help you begin working with this part of yourself. It is NOT a therapy session or a replacement for one. It is designed to help you feel into how best to approach this journey. The goal is to help you discover what you and your inner child need from each other and where you can begin to deepen intimacy.

This offering is a 45 minute Zoom reading and costs $65 CAD.

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