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I offer intuitive tarot readings over Zoom or in written format.

To book a reading, please read this page and then fill out the submission form on the homepage or email:




A Zoom Reading with Sarah is a collaborative exploration of your internal and external circumstances. I provide deep witnessing, space holding, insight and gentle guidance. 


When booking a Zoom reading, please include 2 time and date options. My hours are Mondays from 11 am EST to 8pm EST and Thursday-Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm EST.

1/2 Hour: $40 CAD*

1 Hour: $70 CAD *



Written Readings are a channelled offering. With this reading type, it is very helpful for me to have some context around your question/topic. General readings are possible, but may not be as detailed. 


When booking a written reading, please include your topic or question and any additional context that might be helpful. You will receive your reading within 2 business days as a PDF that will include a write up of the reading and a photo of the spread.

4 cards: $40 CAD*

8 cards: $70 CAD*


* I offer sliding scale prices. If you are in need, we can negotiate something that works for both of us.

I take payments via paypal. I will send a request for funds ahead of your reading on the day of.​



If you wish to know more about how readings work, I provide more information in the FAQ section. In the Curated Readings section you can find 3 specific reading types designed by me. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or the submission form.


You are also welcome to share anything about yourself that you would like me to know, including pronouns and identities. However, this is absolutely not required.

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