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Like the moon, the Tarot can hold a mirror up to the core of our being and speak to our experience in a language of archetype and symbolism that goes deeper than what can be easily articulated.

I discovered Tarot at a time when my life had become excruciatingly narrow due to trauma, grief and fear. Learning the language of Tarot was, for me, like learning the language of my soul. I found within its 78 cards an enlightening road map through the dusty, neglected and avoided corners of my being. A road map leading me back to myself, back to my innate magic and wisdom. I believe the Tarot can help us to navigate our inner world so that we can make truly aligned and empowered choices for ourselves.

I would be honored to facilitate deep witnessing and to support and nurture aligned self reflection, reclamation, transformation and integration to help you to form a stronger, more intimate connection to your own wisdom. You already have a wise knowing inside of you; I use the Tarot to create space for that knowing to come through.




Sarah Nakamura (she/her) is a biracial, queer, neurodivergent reader and witch who believes in the power of The Tarot to center us in our wisdom and magic. She is a graduate of Lindsay Mack’s Tarot for the Wild Soul, where she learned to use Tarot as a present focused, healing tool from an inclusive perspective. She lives in Tkaronto (also known as Toronto) with her partner and three cats.


"[Sarah's] energy was so affirming and calming. I found the reading to renew my intention around tarot and it's use as a tool for healing and wellness. Oftentimes, I have seen tarot as this future-telling, mythical experience but I found this to be grounded in truth, sense of self and collective, and light. I cannot thank [Sarah] enough and look forward to our next encounter."
-LaRaisha D.

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